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The Land of the Rising Sun 

To return the sacred sword the Hachimaan, Baahubali and Bhallaladeva journey to Nippon – the land of the rising sun but find only peril and danger in a strange, new land.


The Mark of Koi – Part 1 

Baahubali and Bhallaladeva head deep into the land of Nippon and discover people are caught in the middle of a war between rival factions and are being exploited by the cruel and wicked Mistress Koi.


The Mark of Koi – Part 2 

Finding himself outnumbered by Mistress Koi’s forces, Baahubali must find a way to defeat her without risking the lives of the most innocent prisoners of all – the children of Nippon.


The Forest of Ghosts 

To recover the Hachimaan Baahubali and Bhallaladeva must discover what hidden secrets hide inside the mysterious and treacherous forest of ghosts.


The Tiger and his Son

Caught between battling armies, Baahubali must make difficult choices to not only recover the missing sacred sword but also bring peace to Nippon once and for all.


Prisoner of the Wolf 

Bhallaladeva finds himself prisoner of the fearsome Lord Ookami and wonders if he will survive the dungeons of the Wolf Lord.


The Sword Saint

Baahubali needs to find allies to aid him in his fight against Ookami’s wolves and comes across the fabled Sword Saint, but will this legendary warrior side with Baahubali or the army of Wolves? 


Against the Ninja 

Ookami’s army of wolves descend upon Baahubali and his allies. The final battle for the Hachimaan and the fate of all Nippon will be fought. 


The Return 

Baahubali and Bhallaladeva find old friends and enemies waiting for them as they return to Mahishmati.


Shikaar’s Last Hunt – Part 1

 RateThe famed hunter of animals, Shikaar, has been humiliated and shamed by Baahubali many times. To get his revenge he decides to hunt the deadliest prey of all – Baahubali himself 


Shikaar’s Last Hunt – Part 2 

Baahubali is on the run as Shikaar closes in on him. Only the strongest shall survive the hunt

Baahubali.The.Lost.Legends.S05E12. The Magician.1080p.AMZN.WEB-DL.DDP2.0.H.264-Telly

The Magician

A magician’s visit to Mahishmati coincides with crimes that make him the suspect. Will Baahubali be able to clear his name


Bijjaladeva’s Big Day 

Baahubali is asked to accompany Bijjaladeva to Mahishmati’s outskirts to stop a battle between neighboring villages. But things go awry when Bijjaladeva unveils sinister plans to finally get rid of his nephew once and for all.


Code of the Samurai 

The strict code of the samurai, the swordsmen of Nippon, revolves around one word: Honor. But what happens when a samurai feels they have lost their honor? How far will they go to recover and reclaim


Revenge of the Ronin – Part 1 

Nippon comes to Mahishmati as the dishonored samurai of Lord Tora come seeking revenge against Baahubali and his family.


Revenge of the Ronin – Part 2 

Baahubali has fought many battles but never before has he faced an enemy not seeking riches or power. Now he fights against a man that has lost everything and has nothing more left to lose. Can Baahubali defeat such a foe?

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